Monday, August 27, 2007

PMA hosts 9th NDC

The Philippine Military Academy opens its door to its civilian counterparts for the first time. On 21-27 October 2007, the country’s premier military institution will host the 9th National Debate Championship. This is the first time that civilians will be allowed to look more closely into an institution that has long been a part of history yet clouded with so much mystery.

This event will gather colleges and universities from all over the country and pit them against one another in an exciting display of talent in Public Speaking. Students from all over the country will be given the rare chance not only to compete in a friendly debate but will also be given the chance of a lifetime of experiencing PMA life.

In last year’s 8th National Debate Championship which was held at the University of Baguio, the Academy’s Discussion and Debate Society participated for the first time. Although, first timers, they managed to impress the other participants even bagging the top prize in the Public Speaking contest. In the selection for the venue of the next Debate Championship, the cadets wowed the body with their stories of cadet life arousing the curiosity of most present. In the end, PMA won the bid.

The event promises a different experience to the participants allowing them to witness spectacles of cadet life like a Silent Drill Performance in the Opening Ceremony, a tour on the different training facilities which includes all the confidence courses that the cadets go through. They will also be allowed to enter the cadet barracks for an open house followed by ranks inspection and the traditional Parade and Review. A Cadet Hop, which is a formal dinner, will also be held.

There are four packages available where participants can choose. These packages will include billeting, food and a bus ride from Manila to PMA and back. For more details just click

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