Sunday, August 26, 2007

Structuring your Speech

Ideally you should try to have a structure to your speech. If you do then it is more likely to be a good speech. If you don't have some form of structure you may be penalised by adjudicators and you may ramble. You don't have to use a strict structure just have a mental layout of what you want to say and when. In fact if you have too rigid a structure then you will find it impossible to stick to it, when you have to rebutt and deal with points of information.

The following is a rough outline of how to structure your speech. In general just use these as guidelines and, ideally, develop a style and structure which you are comfortable with.

1st Minute (0:00-1:00):

(Can't be given a point of information).Win the audience, perhaps with a joke.Don't rebutt another speakers speech.Define your speech, i.e. say what you will address and how. Ideally be able to state your argument in a single, short sentence.Define your team approach i.e. say, roughly, what your partner will say (or has said).

2nd Minute (1:00-2:00):

Don't take any Points of information until foundation has been laid i.e. until you have developed your speech a bit.Layout your argument.Usually best to propose/oppose on 3 points. (e.g. Political, Economic, Social).Begin your first point.

3rd-6th Minute (2:00-6:00):

Accept 2 to 3 points of information. Say outline political aspects and deal with them. Then take a P.O.I. on that. Do the same for the other aspects (i.e. Economics & Social).Use these four minutes to make all your points. Effectively this is your speech.Refer back to the single, short, core sentence one or two times.

7th Minute (6:00-7:00):

Once the sixth minute bell has gone you can't be offered any points of information.Finish the point you were on as quickly as possible.Don't introduce any new points or arguments.Sum up. Reiterate your main points and arguments (and those of your partner if you are the second team speaker.).Ideally, if possible, restate the single, core sentence as the last thing you say.

7:00 min:

Stay on your feet until you hear the bell.Finish, immediately if possible, "Mr Speaker, Sir, I beg to ...............".Be back in your seat by 7:15, if possible, and no later than 7:30.

Source: Wrold Debate Website

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