Friday, December 14, 2007

UBC Debate HSOP, SEXI Arguments, June 2007

Making valid arguments is the basic skill of debating. Without this ability the best you will be is a stylistically wonderful bag of hot air. An argument should contain the three elements below– then it will be a SEXI argument.

State your point:
What is it that you are trying to say? Make it clear and brief.

"Prostitutes will be safer in legal licensed brothels."

Explain your point:
Why do you think this? What is the basis for your statement?

"This is because it will be easier to arrest anyone assaulting them if the police know where they are and prostitutes feel more comfortable contacting the police."

Illustrate your point:
Give an example or analogy which backs up your point.

"In Germany, where prostitution is legal, the number of prostitutes assaulted by their clients has fallen."

Practise SEXI arguments on any topic – the structure is useful for essays and presentations as well as formal debate.

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