Thursday, January 24, 2008


Hey guys. Hope you guys are enjoying the new year so far :-)

Just posting to announce that DLS-CSB's annual Inter Varsity DebateTournament will commence the weekend of March 1-2. Registration wouldremain at a steady 350 pesos (includes meals and water bottles).

This year would be slightly different... we might not be able to callit an "Inter-Varsity" from the changes in fact. Debating lately hasbeen stressful. We just came back from Worlds and we have up ahead apretty hectic debate calendar. PIDC, AUDC and Ateneo Australs are allwithin months of each other. Because of the heavy debate training thatlies ahead, we decided to make the tournament as stress-free and funas possible... less about competition and more about debating for thelove of the game. One of the things we wanted to do to achieve this isthat we now have the most flexible eligibility rules regardingteam-ups and who could break. The only restrictions to team-ups thatwe are imposing is that at one point you must have been part of acollege debate team. What that means is we are allowing ANY kind ofteam to compete and break... teams that include mixed debaters frommore than one institution, teams that include graduated veterans,teams whose members' only affiliation is that they are close friendsetc. Hopefully, this would encourage people to make the tournament onewhere debaters just hang out, have fun and enjoy the one passion weall have.

Let this tournament be our "stress-relief" before the hard partstarts :-) (And no, the stress-free environment we are trying toachieve does NOT mean it's full of humor rounds... we still aim togive you a tournament that tests your skills. We just want people todrop all pretenses of rivalries and school affiliations and justdebate for the sake of debating)see you guys then...

Jay Mata
DLS-CSB Debate Society

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