Friday, February 22, 2008

Change in Schedule for the CSB IVs and apologies

Dear All,

On behalf of the CSB Debate Society we would like to apologize to the entire debate community for this inconvenience. Due to circumstances beyond our control we would be unable to hold the CSB IVs on the originally scheduled date because we have lost our venue at that time.We originally had planned to hold it in the campus of La Salle GreenHills but as you all probably know the campus is (was?) being used as a refuge by a certain political whistle-blower so we were told by the school that the security risk is too high for them to allow us to use the campus in good conscience (Funny how we can't seem to avoid political consequences ;p ). As such we are forced to postpone to a time where we can avail of rooms back in our own campus. So now the new date for the IVs is set for March 22-23 in CSB. Once again I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this would cause.

Jay Mata
DLS-CSB Debate Society

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