Friday, March 14, 2008

CSB IVs' Official Schedule

1. Registration and call time will at 12pm on saturday. Lunch will be provided to participants. We expect everybody to have signed by 12:30.

2. March 29, saturday will have 3 rounds, not 2. Break announcementswill be given immediately after the 3rd round (silent).

3. The motion for the 1st round will be given an EXACTLY 1pm. Soeveryone is expected to be around by then. As lunch will be providedthere will be no excuse to not be there :). This is to ensure that wecan finish on time as well *begging* Please be on time guys :)3. March 30, sunday will have 3 break rounds

Here is the schedule that the organizers are aiming for:

March 29 saturday

before 12 team registrations and payments

12pm-1pm Lunch, team roll call around 1230

1pm-130pm 1st round motion announcement and prep

130pm-230pm 1st round

230pm-3pm 1st round oral adj and tabulation

3pm-330pm 2nd round motion announcement and prep

330pm-430pm 2nd round

430pm-5pm 2nd round oral adj and tabulation

5pm-530pm 3rd motion and prep (silent round)

530pm-630pm 3rd round

630pm-7pm* tabulation and break round announcement

*we have a threshold of up to 8pm in case problems arise. We will makesure that we run on time. We'll make the 2nd round silent if we haveto (although i don't think that would be necessary)

Sunday march 30

9am call time

930am-1130am quarterfinals

1130am-1pm lunch

1pm-3pm semifinals

330pm-530pm finals

6pm awarding ceremony

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