Friday, March 14, 2008

Hongkong BP 2008

To all debaters from acroos the asia-pacific region and elsewhere around the world:

WHAT: Hongkong BP Tournament

WHEN: July 13-16, 2008

WHERE: Hongkong

Adjudication Core:

1. Logandran Balavijandran (Chief Adjudicator, MMU Worlds),
2. Loke Wing Fatt (Worlds Break Judge and founder of SAID),
3. Fiona Prowse (Grand Finalist, Assumption Worlds),
4. Jacob Cliffton (Semi-Finalist, MMU Worlds)
5. and many others.


Facebook group: "Hong Kong BP Open 2008".

Aside from the first ever BP tournament in Hong Kong, HKPDS will also be holding our annual Summer Workshop for high school kids with trainers and guest speakers like British MPs during July 18 to 22 2008.

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