Sunday, April 13, 2008

2008 PIDC Tabs

Please follow the link below for the official tabs of PIDC 2008.

According to the organizers, Sir Martin Cortez, Chief Adjudicator for the tournament has the following important notes regarding the tabs:

1. Only the judges eligible to break to the elimination rounds of the PIDC have been included in the adjudication tabs. Eligible judges should have registered AND adjudicated AT LEAST four (4) rounds in the prelims

2. Only the non-adjudication- team judges are eligible for the Best Adjudicators of PIDC 2008

3. Apologies for the following oversights in the adjudication tabs:

-Mark Ysla of FEU should have been part of the initial adjudication break announcements instead of only being part of the reserved breaking adjudicators

-Angangco should have been announced as the 4th Best Adjudicator of PIDC 2008 instead of Katherine Diaz. Ms Diaz is, instead, the fifth best judge of the tournament

4. UTMara debating teams are non-breaking

Source: Melissa Sayoc thru debate_philippines

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