Monday, April 7, 2008

Advanced training on humanitarian law and policy

Dear colleague:

HPCR International and the Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict
Research at Harvard University are pleased to announce the 2008-2009
Advanced Trainings on Humanitarian Law and Policy.

For seven consecutive years, the Advanced Trainings have provided
professionals engaged in humanitarian action a thorough and practical
understanding of the legal and policy challenges involved in humanitarian
protection. Combining working group discussions, case studies and
simulations, this series of events offers:

- New three-day core training sessions ("Advanced Principles of
Humanitarian Law and Policy") in four international locations: Cambridge in
July 2008, Brussels in September 2008, Singapore in October 2008, and
Amman in February 2009;

- Two-day thematic workshops focusing on specific challenges to
humanitarian action, including counterterrorism, private security companies,
human rights in times of conflict, occupation and peacebuilding,
negotiation of access, and the protection of civilians under Islamic law;

- Online course resources, to be launched in June, that will present
introductory and refresher materials on IHL for registered participants;

- Tuition assistance for selected professionals from civil society
organizations in developing countries; and

- A Professional Certificate on Humanitarian Law and Policy for
candidates interested in pursuing a comprehensive program on IHL.

Applications for all advanced trainings are now available online. For a
complete list of course dates and locations, please visit our website
at or contact

Claude Bruderlein
President, HPCR International

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