Wednesday, May 7, 2008

HPCR International launches a Professional Certificate in Humanitarian Law and Policy

HPCR International
Brussels - 6 May 2008

In view of the growing demand for professional development opportunities in humanitarian law and policy, the International Association for Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research (HPCR International) announced that it will award a new Professional Certificate in Humanitarian Law and Policy to qualified candidates completing the requirements of its professional training program.

The Professional Certificate aims to recognize qualified candidates who demonstrate a command of the fundamentals of international humanitarian law (IHL) with a nuanced understanding of the contemporary challenges of applying IHL in a variety of operational settings. It complements the existing Advanced Trainings on Humanitarian Law and Policy offered by HPCR International and developed in cooperation with the Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research at Harvard University.

"The Professional Certificate in Humanitarian Law and Policy builds on HPCR International's experience in professional development and represents an enhancement to those trainings offering humanitarian professionals the legal and policy tools needed to address growing challenges to humanitarian protection," said Claude Bruderlein, President of HPCR International. "It incorporates the latest findings from researchers and policy-makers from leading institutions on such issues as counterterrorism, private security companies, human rights in times of conflict, occupation and peacebuilding, humanitarian access, and Islamic Law and protection of civilians."

"This is an exciting moment for humanitarian professionals who had until now only limited opportunities to seek new professionals skills in this area, mostly through full year academic degree programs on law or social science," said Dr. Vincenzo Bollettino, Head of Professional Development at HPCR International.

Professionals may complete the Professional Certificate, encompassing more than 60 hours of advanced training, at their own pace in four international locations.

Government officials, representatives of international agencies, and staff of non-governmental organizations are encouraged to apply through HPCR International's Advanced Training program.

"The rising challenges in humanitarian protection require dedicated and skilled professionals," concluded Claude Bruderlein. "HPCR International makes every effort to maintain the highest standards of quality and relevance of its training curriculum."

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