Saturday, August 23, 2008

1st Year Anniversary of Debate and Issue 101

Debate and Issue 101 is celebrating its 1st Year Anniversary on August 26, 2008!

For the past one whole year, Debate and Issue 101 has lived up to its promise of sharing the rudiments of argumentation and debate by presenting outlines and materials in debating; by sharing critical analysis of different issues; and by sharing the experience of what competitive debating is all about. It has served as a resource and reference to students, teachers and coaches from all over world in everyway possible. And most especially, it has touched lives of ordinary people who in their own rights want to have a grasp of the issues that affect their social and political lives.

Join me as I celebrate this achievement! This site would never made this far without your support and constant visit.

Share to me your views on how this site has helped you by sending me an email at and your articles will be posted here on the day of the anniversary! Share to me your thoughts, pictures or even your videos!

Lets continue the tradition of debating!

Lets celebrate Debate and Issue 101's 1st Year Anniversary on August 26, 2008!

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