Monday, August 18, 2008

Role of an Adjudicator

1. Decide which team won the debate.

There is no draw or tie in a debate. Only one side can win the debate. An adjudicator who doesnt know how to decide which team won the debate must not have taken much attention on the details of the debate.

2. Determine the crucial issues in the debate.

The adjudicator shall determine the important issues that were discussed during the debate. These issues refer to those where substantial clashes of points occured and where crucial responses were made.

3. Discuss these issues in a manner that would cover the brief summary of points of both sides, and the explanation on how one team had an advantage over the other.

Discussion of issues are crucial. Debaters would want to hear the adjudicator's assessment of the arguments that they have raised. The adjudicator should clearly convince the losing team why they dont receive the favorable decision on the basis of the issues presented.

4. Rate each speech.

5. Give points for improvement.

Adjudicators shall point out the mistakes committed and how said mistakes may be remedied. Adjudicators shall help the debaters get some points to learn as to how to argue and how to keep their dynamism during the debate.

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