Thursday, August 14, 2008

Should the Philippine Constitution be changed to bring peace to Mindanao?



The Constitution should not be changed to bring peace to Mindanao.

Not necessary and impractical.

1. The Constitution already provides autonomy to the Muslim through the ARMM and elements of federalism are already embedded therein.

2. REPUBLIC ACT NO. 8371, the Indigenous People’s Rights Act already recognizes the right of the indigenous people to their ancestral domain and their right to self-determination.

3. We only need to strengthen our exiting laws. No need to change the Constitution which may lead to extension of terms of those who are already in power.

4. The creation of an additional layer of government—namely the state—will inevitably lead to higher levels of expenditures.

Not beneficial

1. No assurance of peace. We should learn from Pakistan which adopted a federal form of government, and yet, peace is not achieved in said country.

2. Premium for greater demand for an independent Muslim state.

3. Will trigger conflict. MILF is not serious about peace. They would continue to fight for an independent state.

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