Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ateneo Australs 2008

It's been ten long years since Australs was last held in Manila. This year Ateneo offers a chance to bring Australs back to the Philippines, opening the championship up to new teams and institutions. Ateneo Australs is committed to accessibility, so they're not just bringing the tournament someplace new, but are also offering the lowest registration fees in recent history.

Even at lower registration fees, Ateneo Australs promises to provide the best of Manila, including at least a 4-star hotel or equivalent apartment-style accommodations and social events at the hottest and most exclusive nightspots, with A-list chefs and caterers and extensive bar tabs. On top of that, they're working on extra benefits like discounted post-tournament trips to Boracay Island, the country's premier party beach, and worldwide cyber-publicity through our global webcast.

If that's not enough, Manila offers unmatchable value-for-money. It's so cheap that they never buy anything from duty free.

But Ateneo knows that tournament success is first and foremost about the quality of debating and adjudication. They've secured some of the most qualified and experienced people to be part of the adjudication team and are using blind testing, compulsory feedback, and an adjudicator tab to guide them during the rounds.

Ateneo, the Philippines, and our neighboring countries also boast a vibrant debate community largely untapped by Australs. This includes experienced adjudicators from Manila, from our neighboring countries that are now just a short, dirt-cheap flight away, and from Ateneo's own globally-dispersed alumni, who'll be coming back to support Ateneo Australs. The local pool will be further developed through a tie-in with the award-winning Konrad Adenauer Foundation-Ateneo Debate Education Program and a pre-Australs tournament to be coordinated with the University of the Philippines.

Ateneo, moreover, has recent and comprehensive experience running large-scale tournaments, having hosted numerous national competitions, as well as the Asian Universities Debating Championship in 2006. The Ateneo Debate Society also maintains long-running corporate relationships, so you can be sure that Ateneo Australs will have extensive external support.

Ateneo has enjoyed recent success at Australs. They see 2008 as they're chance to give back to the community and to push forward regional debating by hosting a truly AustralAsian championship!

Source: Ateneo Australs 2008 Website

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