Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sharmila A. Parmanand - DCA for Bangladesh AUDC 2009 Bid

Dear all,

The Bangladesh AUDC 2009 Bid committee would like to announce SHARMILA A. PARMANAND from Ateneo de Manila University, Philippine as our First DCA for the AUDC 2009 Bid. We would like to thanks all the interested people from Philippine for their intention to serve us and we are delighted to have so many interested people from different parts of Asia for their intention to be our AUDC 2009 Bid DCA.

Bangladesh AUDC 2009 bid committee is committed for assuring the top quality Adjudication panel for Bangladesh AUDC 2009 bid. And it is our first priority to have DCA like SHARMILA in our strong DCA panel. Moreover we will be offering other qualified adjudicators to be a part of our Elite Panel of Adjudicators for Bangladesh AUDC 2009 bid who will be awarded full registration waiver from the bid committee. People who applied from Philippine and other parts of the continent are in our assessment committee for this panel. AUDU will decide the criteria for selection this 20 Top Adjudicators.

DCA applications are welcome from other parts of ASIA, especially from Sigapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and from Middle East. Credible Candidates are requested to send their Debating and Adjudication CV to this mail address stalinhasan[ at]gmail[ dot]com. We will be updating rest of our bid DCA’s very soon.

We also welcome other institution to bid for AUDC 2009, which will give the AUDC Union Reps a wide range of quality assignment of our bid and will also encourage us for our self assessment for ensuring the best AUDC for Asia.

Welcome to SHARMILA A. PARMANAND in the Bangladesh AUDC 2009 Bid

Debate experience of SHARMILA:

Three-time Champion and consistently among the top 5 Best Speakers, Asian Universities Debate Championship (2005, 2006, 2007)

Part of the first Philippine team to reach the finals of the Austral-Asians Debate Championships (2005) and Austral-Asian semi-finalist (2006)

Semi-Finalist and 10th Best Speaker, World Universities Invitational Debates 2007

Four-time National Debate Champion (7th National Debate Championship in 2005, National Inquirer Inter-varsity Debate Championship 2006, Philippine Inter-school Debate Championship 2007, ABS-CBN News Channel Square Off Philippine Debate Championship 2007)

Two-time Best Debater in the Philippines (National Inquirer Inter-varsity Debate Championship 2006, 8th National Debate Championship in 2006)

Three-time Best Speaker in the Philippine Championship Grand Final Round (National Inquirer Inter-varsity Debate Championship 2005, 7th National Debate Championship in 2005, ABS-CBN News Channel Square Off Philippine Debate Championship 2007)

Octo-finalist (18th breaking team), World Universities Debate Championship 2007, Dublin, Ireland

Champion and Best Speaker, University of Sto. Tomas Inter-varsity 2005

Champion, De La Salle Inter-varsity 2004

Adjudication experience of SHARMILA:

Chief Adjudicator and top-ranked adjudicator, 9th Philippine National Debate Championships (Philippine Military Academy, October 2007)

Chief Adjudicator, Office of the Ombudsman – European Commission National Debate Championships (2006)

Deputy Chief Adjudicator, upcoming Philippine Intervarsity Debate Championship hosted by University of the Philippines (April 2007)

Chief Adjudicator, 1st Mindanao Debate Championship (Lanao del Sur, Jan. 2008)

Chief Adjudicator, 1st Visayas-Mindanao Debate Championship (Cebu City, July 2007)

Chief Adjudicator, 4th North Luzon Debate Championship (Baguio City, September 2007)

Chief Adjudicator, 13th, 14th, and 17th Mindanao Parliamentary Debate Championships (Davao City, March 2006; Butuan City, Sept. 2006; Iligan City, Feb. 2008))

Chief Adjudicator, Visayas Regional Debate Championship (Dumaguete City, 2006)

Chief Adjudicator, 2nd Visayas Parliamentary Debate Championship (Tagbilaran City, Feb. 2008);

Chief Adjudicator, IDEA High School Debate Championship (March 2007)

Chief Adjudicator, 3rd IDEA High School Invitational (Jan. 2006)

Chief Adjudicator, City Fiesta Debate Championship (Dumaguete City, Sept. 2005)

Chief Adjudicator, High School Debate Championship (Zamboanga City, Dec. 2005)

Deputy Chief Adjudicator, 2005 and 2006 Philippine High School Debate Championship

Deputy Chief Adjudicator, 10th Mindanao Parliamentary Debate Championship

Organizing and Trainings:

President (2006-2007) and Vice-President for Research and Academic Training (2005-2006), Ateneo Harvard Project for Asia and International Relations (HPAIR) Union

Vice-President for Training and Varsity (2005-2006), Ateneo Debate Society

Member, Board of Advisers, Ateneo Debate Society (2007 onward)

Coach, Philippine High School Worlds Schools Team (2005-2006) and Miriam College High School Debate Team (2005-2007)

Supervising Editor (2005), Ateneo Student Review for the Socia
Social Science

Women’s Officer (2008), Ateneo Austral-Asian Debating

The Bangladesh AUDC 2009 Bid committee

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