Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How to matterload?

Matterloading is a very important skill that every debater should master.

It is one of the great differences that distinguishes a great team from a bad one. Good matterloading prepares debaters to have good and in-depth analysis when they deliver their constructive speeches. It help debaters provide positive contribution and logical explanation of issues that they intend to expound.

I hope the following outline will help you do your matterloading:

1. Select a specific area of debate ( place, subject)
2. Identify the problems currently faced by such place/subject.
3. Identify the cause and effect of said problems.
4. Explain how ineffective is the current mechanism in solving the problem.
5. Identify suggested solutions in solving the problem.
6. Explain how will the suggested solution address the problem.
7. Identify situations where and when said suggested solution succeeded.
8. Identify the key players.
9. Identify important issues that are relevant in discussing the debate.

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