Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy 1st Year Anniversary Debate and Issue 101!!

Remarks by Arnel Mateo (Author of Debate and Issue 101)
August 26, 2008

Great day everyone!

Join me as I celebrate today the 1st year Anniversary of my blog!

When I started this blog, my only thought was to post my debate materials and instructional outlines. I aimed to present analysis of issues around the globe and to share my knowledge about debating. And for some time, I got bored and pre-occupied by my work and law school schedule. I thought of asking myself, will this effort be worthwhile?

Then one day, I received an email from Alfred Snider of the Global Debate Blog telling me that he featured my blog in his blog. Sparks came in as I realized that what I've started was good. On that same day, the fire of interests within me flourished and I decided to continue my plans about this blog. Many days had passed and so are the months. And now, I am celebrating the 1st year Anniversary of my blog! 110 posts, 102 comments and 22,350 hits in one year!

After one year, I learned that debating does not stop in debate rehearsals and debate competitions, the greatest challenge is to live up to the notion that 'Once a debater, is always a debater!'

I have lived up to that promise and forever I will. And that I couldnt do without the support of the Almighty and all the people who believe in me. This blog would never reached its one year anniversary without everyone's support and attention.

Debate and Issue 101 extends heartfelt and deepest gratitude to the following people for the support, attention and generosity that they had given to this humble blog, whether they are aware of it or not:

1. Alfred Snider- for featuring my blog in his blog and introducing the same to the world community;

2. Colm Flynn- for the wisdom that you shared to me through the series of emails that we exchanged;

3. PUP (CLL, CEA, CB, CEFP and Law);

4. Quezon City Science High School;

5. Southville International School and Colleges;

6. All students, coaches, debaters and visitors around the globe whose suggestions and comments have become an indispensable part of this blog. And for making me a part of your blogrolls.

For this coming year, more than just a source of news, motions and debate materials, Debate and Issue 101 will bring in fearless opinions and documentaries that will seek to present deep analysis of the different issues affecting the humanity!

Thank you very much!

Happy Anniversary Debate and Issue 101!!!


The following letter was sent to me through email:

Letter from Anna Marie Domingo (Philippines)

Rock On!

It's more than just a blog,I'm telling you. It wasn't just the usual ranting cyber corner of a nut who had nothing decent to do or someone who is just so into journals that the notebook isn't enough.It is a newspaper on the go,a bulletin board for the whole debating cosmo,an instant matterloader,a cyber teacher( oh c'mon!) and most of all a friend.

I have to admit that I'm a green horn in debate(or must I say an accidental debater?).I really don't know a single damn thing about the motions, the rudiments,the techniques and other nose-bleeding high falluting terms in this new world.You may have imagined how i felt then.It was a weird mix of wonder and well,fear.If not for this blog,oh boy! would have drowned in that overwhelming environment!

This blog has always been so helpful. I'd say a million hear! hear! to that.It has been first of all a teacher.It's not that I haven't learned anything from school but additional reading always clears the fog you know and certainly this did the trick for me.I even had the chance to ask questions I was sooo ashamed to ask others ( i have to admit typing a question is a lot more comfortable than asking it face to face to, say,your professor.I hate seeing that stare which screams 'hell! are you stupid!?") I was also able to get a clearer picture of everything since the stuff in here on debate101 is very comprehensible like Kisses (or Ferrero Rocher) -small but still as pure and packed as a whole bar,hehe.

This is where we get the motions we use in practice debates.One click and voila! tons of motions used in national, foreign and mind you, even international debating competitions.Everything's here-all the motions for all the rounds (as in ALL,imagine that?) of that particular competition(and till now I wonder where all those come from...) And well it's being so debater-friendly doesn't end with it providing the motions it also provides a lot of matter resources or links to various useful sites of world news and articles on the hottest debatable issues and even other debate sites( be it school debate orgs or even events) Aside from it having all these motions and very debater-friendly links it is also a bulletin board. Wanna get updated??? Visit this blog!! Hell! you won't see these scheds on Wall Street! If there are changes in sched or venue it's all here.There even was this time that I had to show this to my parents just to prove that i'm really a part of the delegate to a particular competition! it was also through this blog that I was able to show (and kinda brag ) the rankings to my Mom(all the time saying that I wasn't a very bad debater after all! haha!)

So you see this blog is truly more than just your common blog.Yes it is a blog that is made for anyone who wants to learn bout debate and you guys may say that anyone can certainly make a blog that provides all these info and tips and links but I'm telling you this is and will always be outstanding. Why? well because this is a blog with the heart and the passion for debate.It aims to not to empower self-expression but to do public service as well.After all who would understand us who loves debate than a debater himself?

At the end of the day I say-rock on!

Oh and also THANK YOU!