Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Humanitarian Law and Policy Forum"

Humanitarian Law and Policy Forum
A Global Community of Humanitarian Professionals
Live Seminar:
Humanitarian Law and Human Rights:
Convergence or Divergence?
Interactive Webcast
29 August 2008, 9h30 a.m. Boston Time
Harvard University is pleased to announce its upcoming Live
Seminar on Humanitarian Law and Policy focusing on the
interactions between International Humanitarian Law and Human

Professor Marco Sassòli, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Mr. Anthony Dworkin, Director and Web Editor, The Crimes of War Project.
This Seminar offers a unique opportunity for humanitarian
professionals from around the world to engage in discussions on
key challenges to the implementation of IHL.
Claude Bruderlein, Director of the Program at Harvard, and
Naz Modirzadeh, Senior Associate at the Program, will host the discussion.
Practical and interactive
The Live Seminars have been designed to inform professionals
engaged in humanitarian and peacebuilding operations about
recent policy and legal developments. They offer an opportunity
to engage with leading experts in the field of humanitarian law
and policy.
During the Seminar, participants will be able to:
Engage with the hosts and guest panelists by sending
questions and comments via a dedicated online forum
Participate in live exchanges with over 300 other
participants via a dedicated chat platform
Provide immediate feedback on key issues raised by the
speakers through opinion polls and surveys
The Live Seminars are offered at no cost to humanitarian
professionals.This event requires prior registration.
To register for the Live Seminar:
2. Click "Register".
3. On the registration form, enter your information and then click
You will receive a confirmation email message with instructions
on how to join the event. For more information, please visit:
Source: IHL Forum

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